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Currently seeking subs forHorror: Deadline Oct 1;

Winter/Music (especially hip-hop for 50th): Deadline Dec 1;

Spring/Trash: Deadline April 1, 2024


BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, neurodivergents, and other Others encouraged to submit.

Include a 50 word bio. If you want, name a charity you support.

Attach your work as a word or google doc. Times new roman, 12-pt font, please.

Poetry: one page max; 3 poems max

Art, Comic, Photography, ETC: Prefer one “page.” Photo essays and comic strips are accepted; 3 pieces max

Fiction: flash to 500 words; 3 pieces max

CNF: 700 words max, 1 piece max

Academic Essay or Article: 700 words max, 1 piece max

We promote youth voices. If you have a youth artist in mind, or are a youth artist, who wants to publish, please email us (ask your parent/guardian)!

Simultaneous submissions are accepted. Let us know if your work finds a home elsewhere.

Want to submit in multiple genres? No problem, just be sure to email genres to the designated editor.

Send your Poetry and Visual Work (art, comic, photo, etc) to:

Send your Prose to (fiction, CNF, academic essay, article) to:

We TRY to publish 4x a year: Horror(Oct 25), Winter(Dec 25), Spring(April 25), Pride(June 25).

We publish special issues at our discretion. When the Supreme Court decided women were idiots* again, we published — we want our voices heard. We published “Ketchup” in July 2023; we hadn’t published in a bit and wanted to curate something meaningful.

Artist/Writer retains all rights to work. It’s yours. Please give us a mention as first publishers. We ask permission to use your work in any future anthologies. We will provide notice/ask for consent prior to publishing.

Submission responses can take up to 120 days (or more, but it may only take a day, depends on life).


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