June Spotlight

Anthony Isaac Bradley What are you currently working on? Another poetry collection/manuscript. I promise I’ll actually send this one out for publication. For real this time. What advice can you give to other writers? Don’t write daily like we’re told to because we’re not all wealthy, funded artists. Write when you need to, build some… Continue reading June Spotlight

May Spotlight

Melodie Corrigall Melodie Corrigall is an eclectic Canadian writer whose work has appeared in Halfway Down the Stairs, Blue Lake Review, Corner Bar Magazine, Continue the Voice, Sybil, and Awakening Voices Literary Magazine (Check out www.melodiecorrigall.com) Tell us about your process in writing, “Gift Unsolicited.”  In recent years, I have been writing shorter stories or flash fiction.… Continue reading May Spotlight

April Spotlight

Jason Brandt Schaefer Jason Brandt Schaefer lives and works in Boulder, Colorado, where he founded the Empathic Editors book editing cooperative. In addition to his explorations in experimental poetry and storytelling, he’s a songwriter performing under the stage name Jason Brandt and a novelist seeking publication for his debut, titled Handfasting, a drama about a rural Texas… Continue reading April Spotlight